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Air Sharing is one of our admired iPhone apps, and it alone gets bigger on the iPad’s roomier screen. It lets you wirelessly arise your iPad as a drive on your computer so you can amount it up with files. You can again view, allotment or book aggregate from PDFs to Excel documents. For anyone accusatory about the abridgement of a book adjustment on the iPad, this gives you one. And on our aboriginal testing of it, it’s accelerated and stable. Highly recommended. [iTunes Link]

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Elegant Unique ..

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Elegant Unique .. | college application resume template google docs

Our admired book accumulator app-shoots files to the iPhone’s axle anamnesis via Wi-Fi for storage, …

Lets you amount up your iPad with any abstracts you want, adds columnist support.

Good Reader’s interface isn’t absolutely as appealing as some added book browsing apps we’ve looked at (Air Sharing HD, for example) and its antecedent admonition to “read all of our apprenticeship manuals” didn’t do abundant to abate my annual concerns, but afterwards spending a few annual to get the adhere of things, it turns out that Acceptable Clairvoyant is a appealing basal app. Basically it lets you dump aloof about any accurate files—PDF, txt, Word Docs, audio, video—from your computer assimilate your iPad with a barebones web-based interface. There’s no advance bar, but the files axle over after issue, and aback they’re on your iPad, they aloof work. Acceptable Clairvoyant has a ton of intricate options for administration PDFs, but if you’re aloof in it to apprehend through them like ebooks, it does that absolutely able-bodied too—navigation is intuitive, including compression and/or tap to zoom, and assorted hot zones on the awning let you about-face pages or annal automatically from ancillary to side. I’m appealing captious about my ereading, and I could calmly see myself afire through an complete clear atypical in Acceptable Reader. Admitting there’s no columnist support, the app does accord you affluence of options for managing the files, acceptance you to rename, restructure or e-mail them as attachments, and it plays able-bodied with Google Docs, Dropbox, and MobileMe Best of all, it’s alone a blade (for now). [iTunes]

For $1, you can bypass iTunes and zap a huge array of files from your computer to your iPad for acceptable perusal. Totally annual the baby acquirements curve.

If you appetite to beck video from your PC or Mac to your iPad, Air Video is the app you want. Slightly bigger than StreamToMe in basically every way (scroll bottomward one analysis for context), the interface is intuitive, you get added ascendancy over bitrates on the fly and you can preconvert any clips you appetite (rather than realtime convert) with the blow of a on. There’s alone one affair that StreamToMe does that AirVideo can’t and that’s beck music. However, Air Video will be accepting MP3 abutment in the a future. If you can wait, go with Air Video. It’s $3 and very, actual polished.

The best media alive app on the iPad, but it can’t beck music aloof yet.

MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, MKV, MP3, AAC, WMA and WMV-do these formats complete familiar? StreamToMe can axle them all from your Mac to the iPad after abundant agonizingly at all. You amount the StreamToMe software assimilate your Mac (a accomplishments app that’s apparently accustomed to those of you who’ve acclimated software like Connect360) and download the $3 StreamToMe app in the App Store. Baddest the folders you’d like aggregate on your Mac, amount the app on the iPad and BAM! All your candied media is, literally, at your fingertips. Full analysis here

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High School Student Resume Templates Make Template Google Docs No .. | college application resume template google docs

Those of us who bought a 16GB iPad are apparently afraid to amount on too abundant media. Luckily,…

Doesn’t beck music continuously at this time, but clashing AirVideo, it can beck distinct advance perfectly.

LogMeIn is one of the easiest VNC alien admission methods now, with it demography affliction of all the firewall and NAT assimilation for you, breaking the install action bottomward to aloof installing the software assimilate your PC/Mac. LogMeIn Ignition is basically the aforementioned as it is on the iPhone, absolution you alien admission your computer from anywhere (but it’s abundant faster if you’re on the aforementioned network). The iPad adaptation is appealing great, alike if the controls are a little complicated. Scrolling about and beat are the best awkward, because your feel absolutely alone moves the abrasion (or the screen), instead of anon borer breadth you appetite to click. Basically, you charge to move the abrasion to your bang breadth and again click. The accessibility outweighs any of the quirks, alike if it’s $30. [iTunes]

If you’re the blazon of being who wants to backpack your iPad everywhere to ascendancy your computers, this is a must.

Straight up Wikipedia. The iPad adaptation of the world’s best accepted iPhone Wiki is as accelerated as anytime and should accumulate time wasters or pub trivia cheats acutely satisfied. Bookmarking pages is a breeze and abandonment out of the app is after advisedly aback you can resume appropriate breadth you larboard off. Browse the capital folio for commodity that apparel your absorption or blunder about with the abominable accidental folio on to apprehend about the best abstruse being ever. The commodity argument itself can be tweaked to accouterment your style—big or small, serif or sans, there’s no amiss way to apprehend your admired entries. The added 3G axial geolocation affection lets you be your own bout adviser and apprehend up on accordant accessories from about your actual area. Switching from annual to mural is not as abrupt as I would accept liked, but that’s absolutely a accessory gripe. Spend 5 bucks on the Additional adaptation and you get offline examination capabilities. [iTunes]

Classic Wikipedia. Five bucks for the Additional adaptation nets you offline viewing.

If you’re into alignment and you like your alignment beautiful, again Bento’s $5 iPad app is a solid listmaking solution. It has 25 templates for managing aloof about any blazon of advice you bandy at it, be it contacts, agitation lists, collections, etc. As with all of these types of things, you’ll apparently get the best breadth if you use it with its agnate Mac app, Bento 3, but alike on its own, Bento’s a acceptable fit for the iPad. The artful of the lists, which booty the anatomy of clipboards and journals, matches the iPad well, and Bento makes it attainable to baddest alone items in greater collections either by selecting them from a annual or browsing them with a swipe. [iTunes]

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Unique New Resume ..

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Unique New Resume .. | college application resume template google docs

If listmaking’s your thing, Bento does it beautifully, admitting you adeptness cede some of the added circuitous database functionality for the acceptable looks.

This $3 app can about-face your iPad into a wireless TouchPad and keyboard for your Mac. So how able-bodied does it work? Almost well, actually. Afterwards downloading an app for OS X, you can accompany over Wi-Fi with a on press. From there, you can cross (with mulitouch) beyond your awning and bifold two-finger tap to cull up the iPad’s keyboard to type. A few caveats: typed argument enters a long, sometimes ambagious cord on the screen—of which alone the new agreeable will absolutely abode to your computer awning (it gets ambagious for argument fields like you see in AIM), the app won’t assignment with a additional adviser and, overall, I’d say the complete acquaintance scales to OS X with 95% accuracy—not complete perfection. [iTunes]

If you accept the proclivity to use your iPad as a abrasion and keyboard, this works.

This app is kinda cool awesome. It has one access per being in your Contacts list, which you can again ample out with addendum and photos, additional tie in their Twitter stream. You basically pretend to be the world’s nerdiest clandestine investigator, authoritative little observations (and accouterment admeasurement reports) on your friends. It’ll be actual awkward aback accession finds all your addendum on people, but until then, this is altered for sure. $5. [iTunes]

Unique, but absolutely weird

Dragon is apparently the bigger name in articulation recognition, and it’s for acceptable reason. Their NautrallySpeaking agent absolutely lets you, you know, allege naturally, and annal your articulation with hasty fidelity. I ashamed off “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore,” which it parsed altogether (maybe because that’s a accepted analysis sentence?) but it kept up appealing well, admitting not perfectly, aback I started awkward off paragraphs of my own design. Best of all, it’s free, like the iPhone version, so you can try it out and see if you like talking to blazon after advance a dime. Annual blockage out if you’re accession who thinks important thoughts that deserve preserving.

As far as articulation acceptance agenda demography goes, it does the job, and, hey, it’s free.

Resume Templates Google Docs Best Of Resume Templates College ..

Resume Templates Google Docs Best Of Resume Templates College .. | college application resume template google docs

Don’t get me wrong, Evernote on the iPad is a absurd app. It’s clean, attainable to use, and blazingly fast. I aloof don’t acquisition it as advantageous as the iPhone version. In convenance Evernote is a carriageable annual maker that lets you jot bottomward quick memos, lists, and to-dos that would contrarily go forgotten. I can’t see myself actively appliance this adaptation as abundant as the iPhone or OS congenital editions that accept been a basic for alignment hounds aback their inceptions. The best arresting altered accession to this adaptation is the adeptness to geotag notes, commodity I don’t acquisition decidedly useful. Ultimately, it’s the Evernote you apperceive and love, and you should aloof get it because it’s free. [iTunes]

Get it. It’s Evernote. Aloof not as capital as the iPhone version.

SplitBrowser, as its name would suggest, offers a browser that’s breach into two independent, resizable panes, anniversary with their own abode bar, aeronautics ons, and avidity and borer functionality. The abstraction actuality is that you could watch a YouTube video, in that disengaged, casual way that we’re all acclimated to watching YouTube videos, while surfing about in the added pane. That’s not the alone use for two panes—any alive service, like, say, Pandora, would assignment in this setup—but it’s the adjustment that makes the best faculty to me. Anyway, in practice, it’s OK but not great. The bar agreeable the browser windows is a little too blubbery and unsightly, and watching a video in one area makes the flicking and scrolling in the added one a little choppy, which, abnormally on a accessory as affected as the iPad, is a big ding. The iPad’s awning seems big compared to an iPhone and opens up a lot of new possibilities for new apps, but I’m not abiding it’s absolutely big abundant to absolve two paned browsing. Still, it’s alone $2, and if you’re accession whose surfing includes a lot of annual up on one affair while casual at a video of another, it works as advertised. [iTunes]

SplitBrowser gives you a breach browser, like it says it will, but it’s not absolutely a acceptable use of the iPad’s bound awning absolute estate.

A additional adviser for your Mac, aback you’re on your Grownup Computer: That’s a absolute use for the 1024×768 iPad, and absolutely what $5 app iDisplay lets you do. But it needs some work. Mostly, t’s slow. Sometimes it’s bearably slow; with a solid connection, it’s inclement but mousable. Added times-and on our analysis network, best of the time-it’s VERY slow, which relegates the additional awning to acquiescent tasks, like announcement Twitter feeds, or IM windows, or commodity forth those lines. (Longer analysis here.)

A additional adviser for your Mac, aback you’re on your Grownup Computer: That’s a absolute use …

Once the bugs are ironed out, this will be a must-have app. But for now, there are bugs aplenty.

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Magnificent Resume ..

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Magnificent Resume .. | college application resume template google docs

If you bare affidavit that the iPad could accomplish annihilation beautiful, attending no added than Delivery Status Touch, a bigger, shinier adaptation of the iPhone app that is committed alone to tracking your packages. The apriorism is appealing beeline forward: if you’re a being who’s affairs or affairs a lot of being online, Delivery Status will accumulate clue of all those tracking numbers, from the big guys like UPS and FedEx, Apple and Amazon, all the way bottomward to the nobodies like Sagawa Express and Aramex. It shows anniversary tracked annual in a ancillary area with blush coded tabs and provides large, multitouch maps of their abode on the right. If you actualize a chargeless annual with the developer, Junecloud, it’ll accompany your tracking numbers amid a desktop widget, iPhone and iPad, which is appealing nice. All of this, though, seems like abstract unless you commonly accept at atomic 4 or 5 admission shipments at a time. And for $5, it’s about absolutely an accidental extravagance. [iTunes]

Delivery Status achieves the acutely absurd assignment of authoritative package-tracking gorgeous, but at $5 it’s alone for austere powershippers.

Things for the iPad could be the best admirable agitation annual I’ve anytime used. It has the affected attending of the accepted Mac adaptation with alike beneath clutter, and authoritative and managing agitation items, lists, and bigger projects is a breeze. There’s absolutely commodity to be said about an app that makes acclimation your blowzy activity so effortless and so gorgeous. But the actuality of the amount is that Things for the iPad is $20, and for best people, that’s aloof way too abundant to pay for a agitation annual app. Committed users of the Things Mac appliance adeptness be the exception—if your activity revolves about Things for Mac and you feel like you’d go mad after it, again the iPad adaptation is a acceptable accession to your arsenal, syncing abundantly and automatically every time the app is opened. But if you’re aloof attractive to cull calm some allowance and ends actuality and there, there are abundant cheaper means to do it. Taska, a $5 app, has a agnate feel to Things, and Evernote, which sacrifices some of Things’ clarification for a added set of features, has a chargeless iPad app that will apparently accouterment you aloof fine. [iTunes]

Things would be the acknowledged champ of admirable assignment administration if not for the antic price.

Voice memos. On your iPad. Appealing abundant a no brainer and I’m abiding you’ve apparently downloaded this already. If you’ve acclimated any articulation recorder anytime you apperceive the drill: Record, Stop, Playback, Delete—oh, look, a new VU meter! That’s the jist. The agitation is this aboriginal adaptation has a HUGE flaw. You can alone toggle the playhead in mural approach and aback you try to—let’s say fast advanced to the 35 minute mark in a 40 minute lecture, the playhead glitches the fuck out and absolutely fails. Meaning you’d accept to physically sit there and accept until the allotment you capital cued up. This is abiding to be fixed, but renders this app about abortive in the beggarly time for applied purposes. Complete astute it does the job. Audio is brittle and captures choir almost well. Plug in your iPhone headphones and use the congenital in mic for added aboveboard functionality. Accomplishments babble can be an affair in a awash setting, so accumulate that apperception if you accept to account the aged at a clay bike rally.

Essential app bedridden by playhead glitch. Delay for the update.

Besides signing a few abstracts actuality and there, I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime absolutely bare to comment a PDF. But I’m abiding that PDFs do get annotated, be it by business bodies who use their abrasion to highlight sections or blazon comments in margins or by academy acceptance who book out address addendum and aloof mark them up with pen or pencil. If you’re one of those people, iAnnotate PDF seems like it’d be a advantageous solution, alms a host mark-up tools—highlighters, bookmarks, underlines, and strikethroughs, aloof to name a few—that let you get bottomward and bedraggled with your documents. But it’s far from perfect. Accepting PDFs into the app requires the use of a abstracted affairs which you accept to download on your PC or Mac and set to admit aggregate folders. The marked-up PDFs are alone attainable aback in these folders; the app doesn’t action a way of artlessly battlefront them off via e-mail. All of this is appealing frustrating, abnormally accepting aloof acclimated Acceptable Reader’s simple as pie web interface to dump files from computer to the iPad. It doesn’t advice affairs that iAnnotatePDF’s appropriate anterior amount is $7, which seems like a lot because the app’s limitations.

11 Unique College Application Resume Template Google Docs | Purf

11 Unique College Application Resume Template Google Docs | Purf | college application resume template google docs

If you charge to mark up PDFs appropriate now, it works, but I’m abiding a bigger band-aid (either easier, cheaper, or both) will appear forth soon.

I don’t apperceive what I accepted this app to be, but alike at $2, Apple Atlas HD let me down. It’s about a apple map (coupled with bound demographic data) that you can attending at in a few altered styles. If you’ve acclimated Google Maps/Earth for added than 5 minutes, this will feel aged and pointless—especially as locally adored maps abort to download, the app crashes and, aback you zoom in too far (which you will), you’re rereouted to Bing’s maps that don’t bout the old academy map experience. $2 of app spam. [iTunes]

Just use the Maps app and accept fun with Street View.

It’s a calculator app. It’s additionally $0.99. It works nicely, and it looks good, but there should be chargeless ones soon. You should wait. [iTunes]

Wait for a chargeless calculator app.

Facebook isn’t assuming signs of absolution up anytime soon, and alike if you’re currently in your claimed Facebook Backlash stage, as I am, the abstraction of auctioning all your Facebook accompany into the Contacts app on your new iPad isn’t a bad one. Sadly, ContactPad is not the app to do it. The $3 app offers a annual of all your Facebook friends, in no apparent order, which you’re affected to beak through one at a time to dump into contacts. I don’t apperceive if it’s a action of my friends’ aloofness settings or what, but for best of the accompany I arrested out, the alone syncable options were Image and Facebook URL, so the acquaintance the app created was basically a thumbnail attempt of my acquaintance with a articulation to their Facebook page. And that’s not extenuative anyone any time, now is it. [iTunes]

The abstraction of pumping up your Contacts with Facebook accompany isn’t awfully agitative to activate with, but ContactPad makes it absolute annoying.

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Elegant Free Resume ..

College Application Resume Template Google Docs Elegant Free Resume .. | college application resume template google docs

iPDF is a chargeless PDF reader. In theory, it should be great! In practice, it’s absolutely useless. That’s because the alone way to amount PDFs into it is by appliance its congenital PDF chase engine. If you have, you know, specific PDF files you appetite to read, there’s no way to accessible them up. What’s the point? [iTunes]

Doesn’t let you amount up your own PDFs, aloof PDFs begin via its congenital web search

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