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The European Parliament,

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Sales Representative Resume Example Sales Resume Samples Unique .. | sales representative resume objective

–  having absorption to the UN Aegis Council resolutions on Yemen,

–  having absorption to the account by the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Yemen of 6 September 2018,

–  having absorption to the abode by the Chair of the UN Group of Eminent Regional and All-embracing Experts on Yemen, Kamel Jendoubi, to the UN Animal Rights Council of 28 August 2018 on the bearings of animal rights in Yemen,

–  having absorption to the Council abstracts of 25 June 2018 on Yemen,

–  having absorption to the collective account by the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Adopted Affairs and Aegis Policy (VP/HR), Federica Mogherini, and the Commissioner for Altruistic Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, of 4 August 2018 on the airstrikes in Hodeidah,

–  having absorption to the account by the Executive Director of the World Aliment Programme of 19 September 2018,

–  having absorption to its antecedent resolutions on the bearings in Yemen, in accurate those of 9 July 2015(1), of 25 February 2016(2), of 15 June 2017(3) and of 30 November 2017(4),

–  having absorption to its resolution of 27 February 2014 on the use of armed drones(5),

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Resume Examples for Sales Representative Entry Level Sales .. | sales representative resume objective

–  having absorption to the Charter of the United Nations and to the attack of all-embracing altruistic law,

–  having absorption to Rule 123(2) of its Rules of Procedure,

A.  whereas the abiding action amid the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni Government has entered its fourth year, which is arch the country appear a above altruistic crisis and risks coast it into an amaranthine war;

B.  whereas back March 2017, the UN Office for the Coordination of Altruistic Affairs has advised Yemen to be at the centre of the world’s better altruistic crisis; admitting of a citizenry of 29.3 million, 22.2 actor are in charge of altruistic assistance, including 11.3 actor in astute need, beyond all sectors, including healthcare, food, sanitation and water, apartment and protection;

C.  whereas from March 2015 to June 2018, the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen appear at atomic 16 706 noncombatant casualties, with 6 475 dead and 10 231 afflicted in the conflict; admitting the absolute bulk is acceptable to be decidedly college – added than 55 000 according to UN estimates;

D.  whereas the Saudi Arabia-led affiliation – backed by the US, the UK and France and absolute the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Kuwait, Senegal, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Sudan – has been the capital account of afterlife of Yemeni civilians back the alpha of the airstrike advance of 26 March 2015, which aimed at abating President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi to power; admitting this affiliation has committed grave violations of all-embracing altruistic law that bulk to war crimes, including strikes on residential areas, markets, hospitals and schools, which accept resulted in abounding bags of noncombatant deaths, mostly of women and children;

E.  whereas on 13 June 2018, Saudi Arabia and the UAE launched Operation Golden Victory with the aim of abduction the Yemeni Red Sea anchorage of Hodeidah, which has been active by Houthi armament back 2014; admitting Hodeidah is Yemen’s best important anchorage and is the alteration point for as abundant as 70 % of the country’s analytical aliment and altruistic aid; whereas, according to the UN, about 470 000 bodies accept fled Hodeidah Governorate back aboriginal June;

F.  whereas on 9 August 2018, an air bang perpetrated by the Saudi-led affiliation hit a academy bus in a market, in the arctic arena of Saada, killing array of bodies including at atomic 40 children, best of them beneath the age of 10; admitting this advance was followed two weeks later, on 24 August 2018, by a new Saudi-led affiliation bang killing 27 civilians, best of them children, who were beat the abandon in the besieged southern burghal of Hodeidah;

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Marketing Representative Resume Examples Beautiful Medical Sales .. | sales representative resume objective

G.  whereas the affiliation has been arty astringent argosy and air restrictions in Yemen, to capricious degrees, back March 2015; admitting above-mentioned to the conflict, Yemen alien about 90 % of its food, medical aliment and fuel; admitting these de facto blockades accept had boundless and adverse furnishings on the noncombatant population; admitting admitting their cogent appulse on civilians, these restrictions are absurd to be able in accomplishing their declared aggressive objectives due to the absence of a bright and appear account of banned items; admitting in the three years that the argosy restrictions accept been in place, no searches by either the United Nations Verification and Inspection Apparatus or affiliation armament accept apparent weapons;

H.  whereas added than 2 actor bodies accept been internally displaced; admitting Yemen is now at the centre of the world’s better aliment aegis crisis; admitting added than 17.8 actor bodies are aliment afraid and 8.4 actor are on the border of famine; admitting healthcare accessories are not functioning, apple-pie baptize is beneath attainable and Yemen is still adversity from the better beginning of cholera in contempo history;

I.  whereas the UN Special Envoy for Yemen visited Sana’a on 16 September 2018, with a appearance to resuming accord talks and confidence-building measures, such as the complete reopening of Sana’a airport to commuter and bartering flights and the acquittal by the government of the salaries of noncombatant agents in all areas of Yemen; admitting UN-sponsored talks accept bootless so far and a political band-aid to the action seems far from actuality achieved;

J.  whereas all-encompassing violations by the Houthi rebels, including the use of landmines, accept been reported; admitting there accept additionally been instances of extrajudicial executions by the pro-government forces, affiliated parties and armed groups; admitting Yemeni parties to the action are amenable for the aimless battery of civilians and noncombatant facilities, the abnegation of altruistic access, approximate detentions, activated disappearances and torture;

K.  whereas the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen has accustomed abundant advice advertence that the government, the coalition-backed armament and the Houthi-Saleh armament accept all affected or enlisted accouchement into armed armament or groups and acclimated them to participate actively in hostilities; admitting at atomic 1.8 actor accouchement accept had to bead out of school, in accession to the 1.6 actor who were not in academy afore the action began;

L.  whereas women in Yemen accept commonly been awful accessible to abuses such as adolescent alliance and violence, as there is no acknowledged minimum age of accord in the country; admitting women accept beneath admission than men to medical care, acreage ownership, apprenticeship and training; admitting their bearings has been worsened by the action and an estimated 2.6 actor women and girls are at accident of gender-based violence; admitting the cardinal of adolescent marriages has added decidedly in the accomplished two years; admitting about 30 % of displaced households are headed by women; admitting medicines for abounding abiding diseases are no best available, and admitting Yemen has one of the accomplished affectionate afterlife rates; admitting malnourished, abundant and lactating women are added acceptable to arrangement cholera and accept a college accident of bleeding, abacus appreciably to the accident of complications and afterlife during childbirth;

M.  whereas about 280 000 refugees, mainly from Somalia, are in Yemen, the alone country in the Arab Peninsula that is a attestant to the UN Convention and Protocol apropos to the cachet of refugees; admitting these refugees are additionally in charge of aegis as a aftereffect of the deepening of the conflict; admitting some 30 600 Somalis accept reportedly already alternate to Somalia, and the UNHCR has accustomed Return Help Desks;

N.  whereas the action and the aegis exhaustion it has acquired accept led to the alarming amplification of agitator groups in the country; admitting Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has circumscribed its attendance and Da’esh has connected its advance of attacks and assassinations;

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O.  whereas Yemen is one of the atomic countries in the world; admitting afore the alpha of the war, bisected the Yemeni citizenry already lived beneath the abjection line, two thirds of adolescent bodies were unemployed and basal amusing casework were on the border of collapse;

P.  whereas the action has been depicted as one amid Shias and Sunnis in an attack to abstruse the absolute geopolitical affidavit abaft it; admitting Saudi Arabia is accusing the Houthi rebels of actuality backed by Iran and commendations them as a blackmail to Saudi security; admitting the complication of the action in Yemen has some of the elements of a proxy war; admitting the action has fostered the amplification of Da’esh-affiliated groups in the country;

Q.  whereas the EU and the UN accept imposed an accoutrements embargo on Yemen and the EU has imposed targeted sanctions adjoin Houthi leaders; admitting in the accomplished year, some European countries, including Belgium, Germany, Norway and Greece, accept responded to accessible burden by partly or absolutely suspending accoutrements transfers to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but abounding Member States, in accurate the UK, France and Spain, accept added their accoutrements alteration in aperture of the Accoutrements Barter Treaty and Council Common Position 2008/944/CSP of 8 December 2008;

R.  whereas the US holds the al-Annad aggressive air abject in Yemen, a the southern burghal of al-Houta; admitting the cardinal of baleful bombinate operations and extrajudicial killings agitated out by the US in Yemen back 2002 has badly added back the Trump administering took office; admitting there is affirmation that Member States such as the UK, Italy and Germany are accouterment both absolute and aberrant abutment for such baleful operations by accouterment intelligence and added operational support;

S.  whereas the bounded area of Yemen at the aperture of the Red Sea, which leads to the Suez Canal and opens assimilate the Gulf of Aden, has cardinal accent affiliated to cogent amphibian routes and activity resources;

1.  Condemns in the arch agreement the advancing abandon in Yemen and all attacks adjoin civilians and noncombatant infrastructure; is acutely anxious at the accretion of the action in Yemen, which has led to the accepted altruistic crisis, the bearings accepting been affronted alike added by the assiduity of the de facto barricade by Saudi Arabia and the action for the anchorage of Hodeidah;

2.  Condemns the use of abandon adjoin civilians by any affair to the action or by terrorists or added armed groups, as such acts accept led the country into a astringent altruistic crisis, and resulted in bags of civilians actuality blood-soaked and dead and in added than two actor displaced persons; expresses its centermost accord and condolences to the families of the victims;

3.  Condemns the aggressive attacks and aimless aeriform strikes adjoin civilians agitated out by the Saudi-led affiliation in Yemen and its de facto blockade, which abide to be the arch account of noncombatant deaths; condemns, furthermore, the barricade re-imposed by Saudi Arabia on Yemen and urges that it be absolutely lifted; calls on Saudi Arabia and its affiliation to ensure that all ports and acreage routes abide accessible in adjustment to acquiesce burning altruistic abatement for the Yemeni citizenry into the country;

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4.  Warns of the after-effects of the renewed aggressive abhorrent on the Hodeidah Port, which charge abide open; expresses affair that added disruption would favour starvation and displacement of a ample cardinal of civilians, including children;

5.  Regrets the affectation of the EU and the US and demands peace, amends and an end to the above abomination actuality committed adjoin the Yemeni people; is assertive that a political band-aid is the alone way to end the action in Yemen;

6.  Reminds all parties, abnormally Saudi Arabia and its coalition, of their albatross to ensure acquiescence with all-embracing altruistic and animal rights law, which agency absorption civilians, abnegation from targeting noncombatant infrastructure, and giving altruistic organisations safe and bare admission to the country;

7.  Deplores the abortion of the aboriginal annular of consultations in Geneva of 6-9 September 2018; expresses its abounding abutment for the efforts of the UN and the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen; calls strongly, therefore, on all parties complex in the bearings in Yemen to resume accord talks and confidence-building measures and to accede as a amount of coercion to a abeyance of hostilities, to be monitored by the UN, as a aboriginal footfall appear Yemeni-led across-the-board political negotiations, with a appearance to abating accord in the country;

8.  Takes absolute agenda of the face-lifting of the authorization of the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen, and calls on all Member States to accommodate cohesive, alert and able abutment to this apparatus beyond all accordant UN bodies, and in the Animal Rights Council in particular;

9.  Calls on the parties to the action to booty all all-important accomplish to anticipate and acknowledge to all forms of abandon adjoin the noncombatant population, including animal and gender-based violence; acerb condemns the violations of children’s rights; expresses grave affair at letters of the use of adolescent soldiers by Houthi and pro-government forces, and at children’s bound admission to basal healthcare and education; calls for those amenable for violations and abuses of animal rights law, or violations of all-embracing altruistic law, to be captivated answerable for their actions;

10.  Calls on all parties to the action to end the application or use of accouchement as soldiers and added grave violations committed adjoin them in abuse of applicative all-embracing law and standards; calls on all parties to absolution accouchement who accept already been recruited and to abet with the UN in their rehabilitation and reintegration into their communities;

11.  Strongly condemns the accelerated accoutrements barter of Member States with assorted countries in the region, as in the cases of the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Sweden; calls for an actual abeyance of accoutrements transfers and aggressive abutment to Saudi Arabia and its affiliation partners; reiterates its alarm for the Council to appoint an EU accoutrements embargo adjoin Saudi Arabia, accustomed the austere allegations of breaches of all-embracing altruistic law by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, which would beggarly that the connected licensing of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia is in aperture of Council Common Position 2008/944/CFSP;

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12.  Calls on the all-embracing community, and in accurate on Member States such as the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden, to end accoutrements transfers to all clashing parties in the country and, therefore, to booty the all-important measures to anticipate their absolute or aberrant supply, auction or alteration to, or for the account of, appointed individuals and entities and those acting on their account or at their administering in Yemen, in band with the UN accoutrements embargo on Yemen and as set out in branch 14 of UN Aegis Council resolution 2216 (2015);

13.  Expresses affair at the actuality that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Da’esh may account from the abasement of the political and aegis bearings in Yemen; recalls that all acts of agitation are bent and unjustifiable, behindhand of their motivation, and behindhand of when, area and by whom they are committed;

14.  Is assertive that Saudi action is aimed at reinforcing its ascendancy in the region, and that this will alone accompany added adversity to the Yemeni bodies and added capacity amid the peoples in the Middle East;

15.  Is assertive that any abiding band-aid should abode the basal causes of abjection and alternation in the country and additionally fulfil the accepted demands and aspirations of the Yemeni people; reaffirms its abutment for any peaceful political accomplishment to assure the sovereignty, ability and territorial candor of Yemen;

16.  Deeply abjure the abridgement of absorption paid by the all-embracing association in the accomplished four years to the altruistic accident in Yemen; denounces the blackout of the media on the assorted war crimes actuality committed in Yemen, which shows a bright accomplishment to adumbrate the adverse after-effects of a war backed by the US, France and the UK;

17.  Opposes any adopted aggressive action in the country, be it Saudi or Iranian, Arab or Western; is actual anxious at the accretion of tensions in the region; underlines that the war in Yemen is not artlessly a action amid Shias and Sunnis; denounces the instrumentalisation of religious differences in adjustment to abet political crises and bigoted wars;

18.  Condemns the EU’s bunco and abetment with dictatorships in the region; is awful analytical of the role played by the assorted Western interventions of contempo years in exacerbating conflicts in the area; states that there can be no aggressive band-aid to the conflicts in the region; rejects the use of the angle of ‘responsibility to protect’, additionally acclimated as a affectation by altered parties to the action in Yemen, as it violates all-embracing law and does not action an able acknowledged base for answer the unilateral use of force;

19.  Condemns the added use of drones for exoteric operations by the US beneath the Obama administering and the affecting access beneath the Trump administration; durably opposes the use of drones in extrajudicial and exoteric killings; demands a ban on the use of drones for this purpose pursuant to its abovementioned resolution of 27 February 2014 on the use of armed drones, branch 2(a) and (b) of which alarm on the VP/HR, the Member States and the Council to ‘oppose and ban the convenance of extrajudicial targeted killings’ and ‘ensure that the Member States, in acquiescence with their acknowledged obligations, do not perpetrate actionable targeted killings or facilitate such killings by added states’ respectively;

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20.  Instructs its President to advanced this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the European External Action Service, the governments and parliaments of the Member States, the Government of Yemen, the associates of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the UN Aegis Council, the UN General Assembly and the UN Group of Independent Eminent All-embracing and Regional Experts on Yemen.

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