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They’re all laughing.

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I can’t apprehend what they’re adage as I band into the close cockpit of the M3 GTR, but I can see that the crew, mechanics, coworkers, and alike BMW branch disciplinarian Bill Auberlen are continuing on Mid Ohio’s pit lane arise up. I accept it’s about me.

I accessible the aperture to ask. I was right. Auberlen says “we’re action on how abounding times you’ll arrest it. The over/under is at five.” Thanks Bill.

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It’s not like I didn’t anticipate it was a possibility. Carbon claws are awfully touchy, and this, the abandoned branch M3 GTR still running, has one. That the M3 GTR existed at all is a miracle.

Todd King

In 2000, the American LeMans Series’s GT chic had 17 cars, 16 of which were Porsche 911s. Eleven out of 12 contest were won by 911s, with the abandoned E46 M3 acceptable at Laguna Seca. Seeing a Porsche endlessly win gets arid absolute quick. Porsches consistently win.

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BMW alien a new E46 M3-based chase car for 2001. Instead of a adaptation of the S54B32 straight-six, this M3 GTR ran a altered engine, the P60B40, a 4.0 liter V8 with a flat-plane crank. A committed chase motor. It makes sense, except that the M3 GTR was for production-based racing, and that agent that wasn’t in any assembly adaptation of the M3. There were aloft eyebrows throughout the paddock. How could these be legal?

Porsche complained. The V8 M3 wasn’t a assembly car, it was a prototype. And they had a point. The ALMS appropriate a aggregation to action a minimum of 10 examples of the car for auction in at atomic two continents aural 12 months of its debut. There wasn’t a road-legal M3 GTR.


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In a move to accomplish the car unimpeachably legal–and to shut Porsche up–BMW offered to advertise 10 alley cars. They had the dry-sumped P60B40 rated at 380 application and chiral gearboxes. The price? €250,000 (nearly $400,000 in 2018 dollars). It was absonant on purpose: BMW didn’t absolutely appetite to advertise the cars. For a time, the artifice worked. The ALMS accustomed the GTRs to race.

BMW Motorsport and the Ancestor Technology Accumulation (PTG) teams won seven of 10 contest and accomplished aboriginal and third in the ALMS championship. BMW was thrilled. Guess who wasn’t?

Perhaps because of Porsche’s complaint, rules defining what constitutes a assembly car afflicted for 2002. At atomic 100 of the cars had to exist, but, and this was the absolute problem, the automaker had to body 1000 engines. The P60B40 was badly expensive. BMW almost capital to body 10, let abandoned 1000. The alley car affairs was anon scrapped, and while the M3 GTR connected to be acknowledged in Europe, it was done in the ALMS.

A affecting moment for your author. I’ve been amorous with the M3 GTR aback its debut. I admired it for how in-your-face it was, and how audacious BMW was for aloof throwing a V8 in an M3, a V8 the aggregation knew shouldn’t accept been there. But in the years since, I’ve arise to acknowledge it as the car that bankrupt Porsche’s stranglehold on the GT class. The M3 GTR showed that Porsche was beatable, and in consecutive years cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Panoz and added entered.

Todd King

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This car, one of PTG’s entrants in 2001, was adapted aback to a straight-six, its abashed V8 larboard in a bend of PTG’s boutique like an old rag, and the six-speed dog box replaced with a consecutive unit.

Years later, BMW PR guys and motorsport basics Matt Russell and Tom Plucinsky begin out that the agent from PTG’s E46 was sitting in a boutique forth with aggregate it bare to get running. There are V8-powered tributes, but none run the abominable P60. The abandoned added accurate E46 GTR sits in a German museum. It’s claimed that it runs, but the bankrupt is additionally accounted to be squeaky clean, like it hasn’t been started in years.

Plucinsky and Russell cobbled calm the allotment and adequate the E46 GTR to how it ran at the end of the 2001 season. The agent is hardly detuned for longevity; aggregate abroad is as you’d hope.

It gets you on aboriginal glance. The GTR is sitting in the barn at Mid Ohio aback we cull up, and my aboriginal acknowledgment is disbelief. I alpha repeating “it’s absolutely here.” For a car that abandoned raced one season, the M3 GTR has a attendance that added chase cars don’t have. Aggregate about it is special. The fenders accomplish it arise alert as wide. The roof has a aperture to accumulate you from baking inside. It has a behemothic wing. The attitude is perfect.

And that’s with the agent off.

You can apprehend it for miles. The P60B40 is consistently screaming, Axl Rose with ancillary pipes. It’s an H-pattern gearbox, but accouterment booty a atom of a second, an brusque interruption. Downshifts complete like an access and are accompanied by fire.

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Fire. Auberlen is abating up the car aback I get my aboriginal glimpse of it in motion. It’s announcement bonfire out of the ancillary exhaust. And not little ones. They’re continued and lingering, you could buzz marshmallows.

While Bill is lapping, I’m active from bend to bend at Mid-Ohio to t a glimpse of the GTR. I additionally accomplish it a point to case about every blaze it throws. I’m accomplishing this to the point of actuality insufferable. And I haven’t alike apprenticed yet.

Todd King

Auberlen pits in and we alpha chatting. For addition who has accomplished success at the accomplished akin of motorsport with BMW over the aftermost 20 years and added than 400 races, it doesn’t appulse his personality. He’s friendly, approachable, and chiefly chill, California in animal form. His parents may as able-bodied be a surfboard and a redwood.

He starts to accord me the briefing on the GTR’s foibles. It all focuses on the gearbox. The six-speed has beeline cut apparatus and a carbon clutch. Accepting off the band will be tough. Upshifts and downshifts aloof charge a bleep of the burke to blooper into gear, no clutch. That sounds easy, but there’s addition thing, one that could accomplish this affair go not as well. Auberlen says that some of the gates aren’t absolute authentic and it’s accessible to absence a shift. There are no springs to centermost the shifter. If you aim for an upshift to third and hit aboriginal instead, you’ll accept a absolute big, absolute big-ticket problem.

Todd King

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It reminds me of article I heard afore branch to the track. Russell, now with Cadillac, anesthetized on a ascetic admonishing to “not ruin his car.” While I’m accepting my belts on, Plucinsky ancestor his arch in to say about the aforementioned thing, aloof in a added affable way, apparently because he’s Canadian.

Todd King

Sitting in the car feels surreal. Like you’re arrest in the amplitude shuttle. That activity has added to do with what you’re sitting in than the autogenous itself. For all the specialness outside, it’s shockingly amiable inside. The agenda birr is basic. But it retains a lot of what’s abundant about the roadgoing E46. A advanced and aerial cockpit that doesn’t accomplish you feel awkward or confined. It alike smells right, that abnormally accustomed mix of sweat, Nomex, metal and elastic that populates every acceptable chase car.

Thumbing the on that blaze the P60 is a moment to accommodate on my resume, to acquaint my aloof grandkids about. It springs to activity with a manic, accurate bark. The clamp is solid, heavy, and there’s an aural thunk aback you put the car into first. The army is continuing about the car as it sits there idling, cat-and-mouse for it to arrest a baker’s dozen times. I’ve never concentrated so adamantine on affairs away. It was account it. I let the army down: I don’t arrest once.

Once moving, that specialness becomes real. This has run–and won–at some of the better contest in the world. It has absolute provenance. A larger-than-life chase car that exists abandoned because a aggregation absitively rules charge not apply. And BMW let a jamoke from New Jersey drive it.

Todd King

But the best absurd allotment of this car isn’t that it skirted the rules or that it bedeviled its abandoned division of racing. For all the affronted noises it makes from the outside, it’s a sweetheart to drive. Earlier warnings assume to be in jest.

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My appropriate bottom is absolutely afraid as I accomplish my aboriginal full-throttle run bottomward Mid-Ohio’s aback straight, a cocktail of fretfulness and atheism authoritative my anatomy catechism my brain. There’s no charge to. It doesn’t booty added than a lap to get adequate and accept what the car likes. If you’ve anytime apprenticed addition BMW chase car, alike an E36 congenital for Chump Car, you can drive the GTR.

The almost continued wheelbase makes it stable. The weight administration makes it agile. Don’t let the wings fool you, this car is added about automated anchor than aero. You don’t accept to drive about any quirks to get the best out of it. Unlike a 911 that requires you to be accomplished in rear-engine dynamics, the GTR abandoned needs you to accept an compassionate of weight alteration and to not be a absolute yutz.

Above, the columnist on the pit beeline at Mid-Ohio. About-face the aggregate up.

Each about-face feels uncannily satisfying, like you’re accomplishing article absolutely important. And you are. In the 17 years aback the GTR raced, we’ve apparent a seismic about-face in motorsports. Proficiency with a manual, a accomplishment that was already required, has been stricken from the syllabus. Hell, we’ve formed with Formula One drivers who can’t drive stick.

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Traction ascendancy isn’t working. You don’t charge it. There’s abundant anchor that it’d abandoned baffle if you were monumentally, catastrophically stupid. You can angle on the brakes after accident of locking them up, the ABS works aloof fine. I alpha to pop it up on curbs to advice it turn. The agent sounds aloof as alien from the inside, with the chargeless added benefit of accessory whine.

Todd King

The aboriginal affair passes way too quickly, and I pit in, already afresh amidst by the accumulation of bodies who were action adjoin me.

“I didn’t stall,” I say to Auberlen, an attack to get him to eat crow.

“Yeah, but you had an army pushing,” he laughs. Damn. I didn’t alike attending in my mirrors.

We debrief, and acquisition that we accept agnate addendum on the track. One difference: Auberlen was downshifting in a few key places to accumulate the revs up. The P60, for all of its brilliance, isn’t torquey.

That means, assertive corners breadth I anticipation I had abundant drive in a taller gear, I should accept accompanying a dab of anchor with a quick downshift to break in that candied spot. Likewise, I can be a bit added accommodating in some corners, let the advanced end booty a solid set afore jumping aback to power.

I’m told there’s abandoned abundant ammunition for six added laps. Whether that’s accurate or a angle to accumulate me from accepting too abundant time in the car, I don’t know. I don’t care. I intend to use annihilation they’ll accord me. I go aback out, after blockage and after anyone pushing, befitting Auberlen’s addendum in mind. I appetite to accomplish the best of this.

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In the accomplished I’ve begin it counterintuitive to downshift aback a taller accessory can backpack a corner. Why decay time on the about-face if I don’t charge it? Well, that was me actuality dumb. It’s not a decay of time if the agent demands it. I was demography about-face one, a fast left, in fourth, and anticipation I was accepting a acceptable run out. Then I approved it in third.

Why didn’t I do this the absolute time? Entry acceleration and mid-corner acceleration abide the same, but the avenue is transformed. The P60 eats revs. Loves revs. R is for revs, and that’s acceptable abundant for P60. What was quick afore is now urgent.

And now that I assurance the anatomy and the grip, I alpha blame the GTR added into braking zones and body mid-corner speeds. Through Mid Ohio’s Thunder Valley, a breadth of fast dark corners and crests, the GTR gets ablaze and loose, affective about beneath you. Communication comes in from the tires in a connected stream, consistently allegorical you of breadth you can angular on them added and breadth you ability appetite to booty a footfall back. It has a abundant abject in the E46 M3, and a lot of what makes the artery car so revered, like the adjustable anatomy and adequation at speed, are anon reflected in the chase car.

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The GTR is your accomplice in speed. You appetite to go fast, it wants to go fast. A absolute match.

Today, automakers are almost able to brim the rules. They accept no choice. In an age of abstracts for all and antithesis of performance, it’s about on absurd to acquisition an breadth accessible to interpretation. And aback it is found, developments that get about the regs are banned for the aing year, if not the aing race.

Very few avant-garde chase cars are memorable above the years they competed. The M3 GTR is one exception, and not abandoned because of how astonishing it is to drive or the after-effects it racked up.

BMW didn’t accomplishment a baby loophole. The cast showed up with a car for a production-based alternation with an agent that it never advised to put into production–and acted like it was no big deal. That’s brilliant. It’s alluringly audacious and aboveboard joyous, and affidavit that Germans aren’t abandoned ability engineers, but masters of comedy.

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