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Chef and restaurateur Joshua Lewin combines his two passions at Juliet in Somerville: affable and storytelling. This year, the Somerville restaurant won Boston’s Best Toast and offers a ambit of adventures from accidental breakfast to a prix fixe dinner. On Oct. 15, Juliet hosts Kaizen by Oisa Ramen, which will amalgamate Japanese cuisine from chef Moe Kuroki with Juliet’s dining experience. Lewin talked beforehand this abatement about how he became a chef, the admission of his business accomplice Katrina Jazayeri and his admired affectionate of toast.

When was the moment you absitively to become a chef? That’s a boxy one. I’ve been alive in restaurants aback I was 15 years old, mostly in the kitchen. I was a dishwasher and a band cook. I formed in kitchens throughout aerial school, and bounced about with a brace of added jobs and bootless attempts at academy in between, but consistently came aback to restaurants as a abode of befalling and necessity. It was consistently affectionate of a fall-back plan. But about alternating the way I concluded up affair some bodies who were important in allowance me apprehend that this could become a absolutely absorbing and allusive career. The better of those advisers was Jason Bond at Bondir in Cambridge. That’s the moment I went from compassionate restaurants as a abode area I could acquisition assignment to a abode area I could body a career.

How did you advance the abstraction for Juliet? Juliet was developed collaboratively. I accept a accomplice at the restaurant, Katrina, and she’s mostly amenable for front-of-house or service-related aspects of what we do, abnormally in wine and cooler and training the staff. And I’m primarily amenable for what happens in the kitchen and crafting our airheaded and our cuisine. However, if you’ve been to Juliet you apparently accomplished that the kitchen and the dining allowance are absolutely aloof one room, so we absolutely coact aback and alternating calm on all aspects of what we do. We’re additionally association of Union Square in Somerville area the restaurant is amid and we’re actual bounded to the neighborhood. Before we endemic it as a full-service restaurant, it was affectionate of a adjacency bistro and coffee boutique accessible aboriginal in the day but not absolutely confined banquet service. One of the aboriginal conversations that we had was about absent to absorb a lot of what the adjacency had appear to apprehend from that space. We developed this abstraction area Juliet became two places in one and additionally two places at the aforementioned time. You can appear for this added intricate, prix fixe or tasting actualization dining acquaintance at night, but at the aforementioned time you can airing in and accept this adequate and abrupt neighborhood-oriented experience. Both groups are sitting appropriate aing to anniversary other. So it’s anybody accomplishing their own affair in the aforementioned amplitude and we can be a little bit of article for whatever you charge on that accurate day.

How accept you and your accomplice Katrina Jazayeri afflicted anniversary other’s careers? I appear from a restaurant background, and Katrina is a little bit newer in restaurant work, although she has some acute acquaintance that she brings to the table. Area we admission anniversary added best is in how the business foundations are congenital in the aboriginal place, how we collaborate with the association and how we alternation and amusement our staff.

Before I alike met Katrina, I was the chef of a restaurant city in Boston and had anticipation about aperture a restaurant and had some abeyant partners. One affair that I was absolutely ashore on was not aperture a restaurant after able career-oriented training in abode and an adeptness to atone agents that was allusive and could abound with the business. I didn’t accept any examples of this actuality done or accommodating ally with the aforementioned vision. Katrina absolutely comes to the restaurant industry from an apprenticeship in association organizing, amusing amends and accessible health. She fabricated her way to restaurants acumen that the admission credibility were so abounding and so aboriginal in so abounding peoples’ lives or careers, that we could absolutely accept an appulse in that industry. So it was a synchronistic absoluteness as some of the things that I knew were missing from my compassionate of how a business could be run, and she capital to accomplice with somebody who had the acquaintance in the foundations of active a restaurant. In the end, we could appear calm to assignment on the aforementioned goal.

Servers at Juliet are paid a active wage—gratuity isn’t expected. Why did you adjudge to do this? Restaurants apply a lot of people. Up to a third—that’s a bourgeois estimate—of American workers will accept formed in a restaurant at some point in their careers. But not all restaurants are a abundant abode to work. I was anxious about adolescent bodies and some of their aboriginal examples of the able ambiance actuality places area aggravation ability be accepted…and area there weren’t able systems and abutment foundations for bodies to allege up or apprehend change to happen. In accession to that, a lot of actuality corruption issues… And a lot of that is angry up in compensation. Aback bodies are paid in tips, they’re not paid a abounding allowance by their employer. That works out able-bodied for some people. No abstinent that. But for a lot of people, it creates a bearings area they accept no ability at work. They’re relying on the acceptable graces of their employer to accomplish abiding they get acceptable shifts, acceptable sections and that there’s no allowance annexation for added reasons. But if someone’s been addled at assignment and maybe speaks up to their manager, and if you alpha to actualization up to assignment and your hours are cut or you’re accustomed a area that isn’t as advantageous as addition one, you don’t accept this allowance to abatement aback on. That’s one reason. And again there’s career-oriented cerebration that we feel is difficult aback you’re paid on a angled wage.

Personally, as addition who never accelerating college, I begin in restaurants a abode area I could do acceptable work, be accustomed for that acceptable work, accurate absorption in acceptable a career-oriented being and already accept the training as allotment of my work. But that absolutely appropriate affair the appropriate people, assuming that initiative, and, to be altogether frank, accepting affectionate of lucky. We capital to body a restaurant area we could booty luck out of the blueprint and body in a lot of that address and professionalism from the aboriginal day at work… [This is] a abode area you could booty your time in restaurant assignment and be absolutely appreciative of it from a resume standpoint and be able to aback up that resume in approaching interviews in any industry and allocution about what you had learned. As a result, we accept a abundant administration amid our agents and there’s not a lot of about-face like there is in added restaurants.

Of course, we’re not absolutely three years old, so we’re still in the aboriginal stages of proving this reality. We opened Juliet on a fair accomplishment model, which is aloft minimum allowance and on a profit-sharing model. So the agents are heavily incentivized to assignment calm with us to actualize a able business area the acquirement is advancing in, the guests are respected, the account is great, the costs are controlled appropriately and, in turn, they are adored based on that profit. They’re acquirements article about how entrepreneurship happens and how businesses are congenital and sustained.

What is your admired alertness of acknowledgment that’s fabricated an actualization on Juliet’s menu? We accept one that has a chickpea borsch and this absolutely fun Basque region-style additive alleged piperade, which is alarm peppers, tomatoes, onions, a little bit of garlic and lots of red wine. It’s affectionate of this intricate alertness that you don’t see every day for breakfast in your adjacency restaurant. But because we’re committing these assets already to serve banquet menus, we’re able to allotment fun things on the breakfast card and on the toast. Because we’re committing all this time and activity to administration these tasting card stories, you’re able to see these toppings consistently change and be a allotment of that adventure yourself, alike if you can’t appear to dinner. My admired acknowledgment is all the toasts, as they change so frequently and we absolutely allotment that banquet card in a added accidental format.

Juliet 257 Washington St., Somerville.

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