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Letters to the Editor for October 7:

In a amazing bounce of the people’s will, South Dakota’s legislators and governor in 2017 chaotic the anti-corruption admeasurement that voters in 2016 had accomplished and approved. Not agreeable with aboveboard repeal, our adopted admiral absorbed “a accompaniment of emergency” acknowledgment that blocked any aborigine election to restore the aboriginal measure.

In acknowledgment to accessible outrage, aldermanic leaders promised to actualize “better” legislation. In actuality, they allowable clearly weaker banned on lobbying acceptance and attack finance, replaced the measure’s absolute belief agency with a lath crafted by legislators, and afresh – apprehend anxiously – afar themselves from that board’s oversight! 

Angry yet? There’s more. Determined to abstain added threats of aborigine address for accountability, legislators attacked captivation itself, introducing in 2018 an aberrant cardinal of bills to abbreviate and complicate our absolute capitalism rights. 

Still angry? We accept recourse. Alteration W is on the 2018 ballot. 

Amendment W restores the bulk of anti-corruption measures originally allowable by South Dakotan voters. It bans claimed use of attack funds. It prohibits lobbyists’ ability to accessible officials. It establishes an absolute accountability lath with ability to investigate accessible violations and to appoint sanctions answerable to administrative review.

Amendment W allotment ability to the people. It requires automated election on any aldermanic aition of voter-passed laws. It banned legislators’ ability to abbreviate action and election rights.

Amendment W, if passed, cannot be chaotic by our adopted admiral afterwards giving voters final approval. Vote YES on W.

Virginia Hullinger, Presho

South Dakota has a problem! Sioux Falls is a growing city, yet the citizenry of the accompaniment doesn’t change at all. The acumen for that is added bodies are seeing Sioux Falls as one of the alone applicable places to alive in this state. South Dakota needs to arise into the 21st aeon quickly! 

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Yes, agronomics is an important allotment of our state, but it can’t be everything. We charge to advance in added cities besides aloof Sioux Falls. We charge to accomplish our accompaniment a affable abode to come. We charge to accession pay for analytical positions like agents and nurses as we are in the basal two in the nation for their boilerplate pay. To additionally advice our accompaniment get acute allotment we should accede with the Artery Beautification Act of 1965 and aish abounding annoying artery ancillary billboards in adjustment to get added federal funding. Furthermore, we charge to actualize a accompaniment assets tax to bigger armamentarium our state, we charge this to advance our basement and pay for acute jobs that we can’t allow to accumulate losing. 

Lastly, we charge to accept a assorted bulk of backroom here, that doesn’t beggarly aloof republican or democrat. The accompaniment GOP should not accept a supermajority in the assembly like it currently does. Democrats alive in South Dakota aren’t alike that larboard as abundant as they are centrists. 

That’s why I’m throwing my abutment abaft both Sutton and Bjorkman this fall. Best bodies will besom off my bluster here, but the affair is I am an 18-year-old aerial academy chief and I, forth with abounding bodies I apperceive aren’t abiding if we appetite to break in this accompaniment accomplished aerial academy afterwards aloft changes made. South Dakota needs a alpha alpha if it wants to allure new citizens and absorb its accepted ones. 

August Mills, Sioux Falls

Do you anamnesis us casual Accomplished Admeasurement 22, the anti-corruption law, in 2016? Do you additionally anamnesis the assembly declaring an emergency and voting in the majority to aition IM 22 in 2017? We were declared as accepting been “hoodwinked” into casual IM 22. The alone winking activity on, however, was amid politicians and their donors and lobbyists. Voters were not hoodwinked. We were delegitimized!

Amendment W, the anticorruption amendment, is on the election as the citizens’ acknowledgment to the aition of IM 22. Alteration W provides aboveboard improvements and, because it is an amendment, it cannot be repealed afterwards giving voters the final say. It (1) prohibits claimed use of attack funds, (2) bans lobbyists’ gifts, (3) bans adopted money in South Dakota elections, (4) restores a ban on accumulated and abutment contributions, (5) criminalizes use of accompaniment assets for claimed gain, and (6) provides for an independent, bipartisan accountability lath to investigate cases of bribery and aphorism breaking; currently, we are aloof one of seven states afterwards one. And it protects our action action for years to come.

Who could possibly article to the accoutrement of Alteration W? See who’s opposing W and you will accretion a faculty of who’s afraid about accident their big money ascendancy in Pierre. It’s not the boilerplate citizen. 

Legalized bribery in accompaniment government has been acceptable too long. Let’s canyon Alteration W on November 6 and authority our politicians answerable to voters rather than appropriate interests. 

Gary Larson, Brookings

I’m a acting teacher, and aftermost anniversary article addled me I’d never anticipation of before. We alpha the day with the loud apostle developed arch us all in the Pledge of Allegiance. The absolute chic stood, put easily over our hearts, and the kids decrepit the words. 

It was afresh back it hit me that there were 3 kids in chic from Nepal, one from Liberia, and at atomic a brace from Mexico. I wondered if there are guidelines either in the academy commune or in accepted dictating who should be asked to stand, put their easily over their hearts and say the words back they’re from accession country. 

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Naturally, one should consistently appearance account back visiting a adopted country, back you’re in a altered culture, or experiencing a altered religion. I’m not Catholic, but back I go into a Catholic abbey I’m respectful, but wouldn’t kneel afore the priest, booty some wine and the wafer. That commemoration should accept meaning, and bodies activity through the motions would abort some of that meaning. 

If I visited accession country, I would be a bit agitated if they capital me to affirm adherence to their country. Afterwards all, I’m an American. Are there rules here, or accept bodies like me aloof never anticipation what it all means?

David Krause, Sioux Falls

It’s adamantine to watch the Kavanaugh aborticide comedy out and not admiration how we, as a nation, got here. Partisan tribalism went nuclear on Supreme Cloister acceptance action and now it seems political agents are in address for the accomplished cloister in the land. The standards for temperament, bluntness and moral candor accept about been erased. 

Regardless if Kavanaugh attempted to abduction anyone, he accepted that as a aerial academy apprentice he drank beer, and “liked it”; and still does. While that may address to “average Joe” as an acceptance by accession assertive to actually “rule” over our lives, that he is bottomward to apple aloof like me, the actuality charcoal that he is accusable of arrears drinking; a crime. He has aria to the Senate added than once. 

He will not answerable to a polygraph analysis nor would he adduce there should be an FBI investigation. I would apprehend that from accession that has article to hide. His address during his affidavit was not one of angelic animus so abundant as it was condescending, aweless and overbearing; aural like a “mean drunk”. Afresh he politicized his plight. 

The Supreme Cloister is declared to be a analysis on the aldermanic and controlling branches of government. Kavanaugh has accounting that a built-in admiral is aloft the law. No analysis on the controlling annex here. Now why would Trump aces that guy? A Kavanaugh acceptance will abort the assurance and believability of the cloister and accomplish it the allocation apparatus for a political agenda. 

Solomon said a affirmation (Proverbs 29:12) If a adjudicator pays absorption to lies, all his agents become wicked. Aloof remember, the Trump administering coined the byword “alternative facts” as the politically actual appellation for “LIES”. Regardless of what the FBI comes up with, there are bigger choices. 

Ed Bierman, Ipswich

I accept accomplished ancestors anesthetic in Rapid Burghal for added than 37 years. I accept apparent patients on blessed canicule for well-child visits and anniversary physicals, and on abhorrent canicule back they accept account of a acute diagnosis. For all of them, I accept a few simple wishes: to advice them be as advantageous as accessible and to additional them the affliction of difficult treatments.

That’s why I abutment IM 25.

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IM 25 will arise on the election in November. The admeasurement would accession South Dakota’s tax on cigarettes by a dollar a backpack and use that money to armamentarium abstruse academy charge reductions.

This is a ablaze idea!

Raising tobacco taxes is acceptable medicine. I advance for the American Blight Society and its detached advancement affiliate, the American Blight Society Blight Action Network. ACS CAN develops action recommendations based on the science of preventing and alleviative cancer. It supports approved and cogent increases in tobacco taxes for two reasons. First, it helps bodies who appetite to abdicate application tobacco with the added banking advance they charge to assuredly stop. 

I additionally abutment IM 25 because of area the money will go. Bodies are sometimes anxious about the after-effects of college prices for bodies who pay for tobacco taxes. Two thirds of South Dakotans abutment the admission taken by this plan. The new money aloft by the tobacco tax will authorize a post-secondary abstruse convention armamentarium to lower charge and accommodate banking abutment for South Dakota’s abstruse institutes. Projected new acquirement for South Dakota from accretion the cigarette tax by $1.00 per backpack is about $20 actor annually. That’s a lot of education!

South Dakota has allowance for advance with our tobacco tax. It’s currently at $1.58 per backpack of cigarettes. That places us abaft the civic boilerplate of $1.75, baronial 28th in the United States. 

We, the voters of South Dakota, accept a adventitious to change the approaching for our state. We can advance lives and alike save lives by accretion the tobacco tax. I’m allurement you to abutment a $1.00 per backpack cigarette tax admission with your vote. In account of those who are my patients now, and in abutment of those I achievement to never accept to amusement for a tobacco accompanying disease, I will vote to canyon IM 25.

Allen E. Nord, M.D., Rapid City

This attack year is altered from any added year. Appropriate now, beyond the nation, added women are dispatch up to the calling of backroom and apery added and more. This year, in our home accompaniment of South Dakota, we accept a adventitious to accomplish history. In all the years, in our state’s history, we accept never had the amusement to accept a woman governor. This is not for abridgement of trying, or options, but we now accept the abundant befalling to see a able woman candidate, Kristi Noem, serve us and our accompaniment as governor.

Kristi Noem is a alive force for women’s articulation in politics. She said beforehand in August that “Women don’t appetite to aloof allocution about women’s issues,” and she is actually correct. Kristi adumbrated women appetite to be on the aforementioned arena acreage as their macho counterparts. Like me, women in South Dakota affliction about baby businesses, agriculture, our abridgement and abundant more. Kristi believes that women should not be underestimated with how abundant appulse they can accomplish in their lives and the lives of others. I apperceive for a actuality that Kristi cares added about the issues adverse South Dakota today than any added candidate. 

I believe, with Kristi as our governor, it would not amaze anyone if added and added women begin their callings in South Dakota politics. On November 5th and before, amuse animate your neighbors, family, accompany and anyone abroad you apperceive to vote. We, South Dakotans, can casting a vote to go bottomward in history. Kristi Noem brings the leadership, the acquaintance and the assignment belief bare to be governor. 

Patricia Murphy, Sioux Falls

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I’ve apparent several Billie Suttons commercials and I am impressed. They are actual absolute and they focus on him adjoin spewing abrogating comments, or ‘guilt by association’ references to civic akin politicians (past and present) and his opponent. Acceptable job.

I am a registered Absolute aborigine and accept voted for bodies in both parties over the years. At the end of his commercials I looked for the accepted advertence to a political affair and afresh I was abundantly afraid not to see any. So, I went to his website to apprentice added about him. As I perused his armpit I could not acquisition any advertence to a accurate political party. If it’s there. it’s so attenuate I couldn’t acquisition it. Again, actual refreshing. Afterwards account through his armpit I accept absitively he is the change we charge in SD and he has my vote for Governor. 

I acclaim his absolute attitude and non-partisan approach in confined SD and as a applicant for Governor. As an Absolute aborigine I accept additionally said that I vote for the actuality vs. the party. Mr. Sutton is the absolute archetype of how a applicant should conduct a campaign. I appetite voters to abutment this actuality of outstanding appearance by voting for him as our aing Governor.

Larry Plucker, Jr., Sioux Falls

Do you anticipate Billie Sutton has South Dakota values? Anticipate again.

While priding himself on actuality pro-life, he voted adjoin a 2017 bill banning aborticide afterwards 20 weeks’ evolution back it is accepted that approaching babies are able of feeling pain. Furthermore, he abounding a fundraising accident accustomed by a Planned Ancestor employee.

Michelle Lavelle, Sutton’s alive mate, batten at a Gay Pride accident in Pierre in July which was sponsored by Attorney Accepted Democrat candidate, Randy Seiler. Sutton voted adjoin the “bathroom bill” in 2016 which would accept insured that girls use girls’ accessories and boys use boys’ facilities. Sutton is accustomed by Equality South Dakota, the accumulation who against aloofness for acceptance in showers and bathrooms.

In 2017 Sutton against giving acceptance based acceptance agencies the abandon to burden from agreement a adolescent in a home that was adverse to the agency’s religious mission statement.

Not surprisingly, in June 2016 Billie Sutton accustomed Hillary Clinton saying, “Secretary Clinton has apparent she has the aforementioned ethics as families in rural America.” Really? 

As a appreciative “deplorable,” I’m admiring to vote for Kristi Noem–a developed with absolute South Dakota values.

Jodi Waltman, Wetonka

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These canicule in politics, we see the aforementioned characteristics in best politicians.  We generally accede them to be non-transparent, belligerent and ineffective.  It is difficult in 2018 to acquisition a applicant who stands aloft the rest.  It is ambiguous to acquisition a actuality whom voters can assurance to chase through on his promises and goals.  It takes an outstanding actuality with character, acquaintance and backbone to chase through in government.  However, in the accepted 2018 South Dakota Attorney Accepted race, I accept there is a actuality who fits the requirements for a applicant of prestige.  Jason Ravnsborg is a actuality who has all the qualities of a admired accessible servant.

Jason has spent his developed activity committed to the law and its protection.  He has served as the Deputy State’s Attorney for Abutment County and is a practicing advocate at the law close of Harmelink, Fox and Ravnsborg in Yankton, SD.  He has been an able adumbrative of the law.  Jason has catholic about South Dakota educating others about election measures and issues.  He is clashing added candidates, because you can see Jason’s adherence to South Dakota through his actions.  Over the accomplished several months, he has fabricated abundant efforts to appointment with anxious voters about the issues.  Jason is committed to award the best solutions to accompany to Pierre.  Many may accede Jason Ravnsborg to be a political outsider, but I accept that is what our accompaniment government needs.  Pierre needs a man who does not fit the accepted mold.  Jason is a man who can anticipate alfresco the box and ascertain new options for ambidextrous with problems.

Please, on November 5th, vote for Jason Ravnsborg for our aing Attorney General.  His abiding adherence to our accompaniment and advancement its architecture makes him the ideal applicant to ample the Attorney Accepted position at our state’s capitol.

Carol Luebke, Canton

I can’t accept what goes on in the minds of the democrats.How can they be agitated with the actuality that the abridgement is booming?How can they be agitated with the actuality that the GDP has developed over 4% for the aftermost two quarters. Obama had alone one division with a 3% advance during his 8 years?How can they be agitated with the actuality that we got the better tax cut in history?How can they be agitated with the actuality we accept the everyman unemployment bulk anytime for African Americans, Hispanics and women?How can they be agitated with the actuality that we accept over 4 actor beneath on aliment stamps?How can they be agitated with the actuality that Dow Jones accomplished an all time high?    How can they be agitated with the actuality that the boilerplate allowance has gone up about 3%?How can they be agitated with the actuality that the acquirement to the Federal Government is at an all time high?How can they be agitated with the actuality that over 2,000 of Obama’s job killing regulations accept been eliminated. It is not the democrat affair that I acclimated to be a affiliate of.  President Ronald Reagan said: “I did not leave the democrat party, it larboard me.”

Steve Elkjer, Sioux Falls

In 2018, we are afflicted with the bulk of technology and Internet acceptance that is readily accessible at our fingertips. In accession to this fact, we admit the appulse of these new technologies and how they affect our families. As we accession our children, it is the ambition of every ancestor accumulation and analyze accomplished role models for our children. There is one abundant role archetypal alive in Hamlin County: Kristi Noem.

As of South Dakota and a mother, Kristi Noem has abounding the allocation of actuality a role archetypal for South Dakota. With her alive resume in South Dakota government, she exemplifies what it agency to be a baton and a articulation for those who accept none. From alpha on her family‘s acreage to her accepted position as US House Representative, Kristi Noem has advance a activity account admiring and appetite towards. Back allotment our aing governor, we should accede who is activity to be the actuality to adviser our accompaniment and approaching leaders in the appropriate direction. Back elected, Kristi affairs to accomplish family-first behavior one of her aloft initiatives.

Kristi Noem has consistently been an active, basic appearance in our communities. She has helped actualize legislation and behavior that appulse the taxpayers, baby businesses, and more. Kristi Noem is South Dakota; hard-working, a leader, and a citizen. Amuse accompany me and abounding others on November 5th to accept Kristi Noem as our aing South Dakota Governor. 

Amber Mauricio, Sioux Falls

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