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A big-game hunter from the Twin Cities begin himself at the centermost of an all-embracing firestorm Tuesday over the afterlife of a admired bobcat in Zimbabwe, but said he abjure killing the beastly and believed his guides were arch him on a acknowledged hunt.

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Read the latest in this advancing story.

Walter J. Palmer of Eden Prairie, a practicing dentist in Bloomington and a arresting bow-and-arrow hunter, issued a account acclamation the killing on July 1 of Cecil, a bobcat that was a admired amid tourists and wildlife researchers.

“I assassin several able guides, and they anchored all able permits,” Palmer’s account read. “To my knowledge, aggregate about this cruise was acknowledged and appropriately handled.

“I had no abstraction that the bobcat I took was a known, bounded favorite, was collared and allotment of a abstraction until the end of the hunt. I relied on the ability of my bounded able guides to ensure a acknowledged hunt.”

Zimbabwe d admiral said Tuesday that two of Palmer’s guides are adverse accuse in the adventure and that they “are attractive for Palmer.”

Palmer, 55, who pleaded accusable to a authorization abuse afterwards cutting a atramentous buck in Wisconsin in 2008, said he has not been contacted by any authorities in Zimbabwe or the U.S., but added that he will abet with investigators. The public-relations close that formed with Palmer on the account said he was in the Twin Cities on Tuesday.

“Again, I acutely affliction that my following of an action I adulation and convenance responsibly and accurately resulted in the demography of this lion,” the account concluded.

Read more: What we apperceive about Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist accused of killing Cecil the lion

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Read more: Hunter, author, longtime associate defends Walter Palmer

Earlier Tuesday, the Telegraph bi-weekly of London articular Palmer as the hunter who attempt Cecil and appear that he paid $54,000 for the hunt. The Telegraph said the bobcat was illegally absorbed out of Hwange Civic Park, area it had adequate status, and assimilate a adjoining d farm, area Palmer was on safari.

Palmer’s dentist arrangement on Rhode Island Avenue was bankrupt Tuesday, allegedly abruptly. One applicant showed up for an appointment, blind of the all-around agitation surrounding his dentist.

A contour on Palmer’s business website said that he is from North Dakota and that he accelerating from the University of Minnesota dental school. He and his wife alive in Eden Prairie, about 2½ afar from his practice. They accept two children. A beating at the aperture Tuesday brought no response. A acquaintance declared the Palmers as actual private.

As the Telegraph’s abode and consecutive account advantage advance on the Internet, commenters took to the Facebook folio of Palmer’s River Bluff Dental with a vengeance.

“You absolute scum,” one of abounding adverse comments read. “You should be in jail, and you should adhere your arch in shame.” The Yelp folio on Palmer’s dental convenance was inundated with adverse comments, and by midevening, about 200,000 bodies had active an online abode accusatory the adventure organized by an online accumulation accepted as Care2.

Late Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., apprenticed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Justice to investigate whether the killing abandoned any endangered-species laws.

Chelsea Hassler, beat administrator with the Twin Cities-based Beastly Rights Coalition, said her accumulation and “many affronted citizens” intend to beef alfresco Palmer’s arrangement on Wednesday afternoon.

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By backward Tuesday afternoon, baby blimp lions had been larboard at Palmer’s home and dental office.

Lists 43 kills

Palmer’s kills are listed by an alignment declared Carnival Club International, a big-game hunting accumulation that claims 55,000 associates worldwide, including about 1,000 in Minnesota.

The club keeps a abundant almanac book in which associates affectation photos, abstracts and added advice about animals they accept killed. Palmer lists 43 kills, all by bow and arrow. His account includes moose, deer, buffalo, a arctic buck and a abundance lion.

A photo acquaint in the almanac book from 2005 shows him admiration abaft a lion, with his bow propped up adjoin the animal. The book additionally abstracts with a photo that he attempt an African albatross in Zimbabwe in 2013.

People accustomed with the carnival industry banned to animadversion Tuesday on Palmer’s case, but said it is accustomed for hunters to abode themselves in the easily of assassin guides and bounded outfitters.

Jeff Martinell of Troy, Pa., who books African trips as the buyer of Luxury Hunts, said it’s up to the guides, additionally declared able hunters, to apperceive the laws and regulations of a bobcat hunt, including whether the hunters are on bottle acreage or cutting at a adequate animal.

“If he bought a bobcat coursing and they booty him on a bobcat hunt, he [doesn’t] apperceive area you’re going,” Martinell said. “The feel should be acicular at the able hunter, not the hunter himself.”

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Martinell additionally said it is accepted convenance to allurement big d with bait, allegedly the tactic acclimated in Cecil’s death. “You acquisition a lion, put the allurement out and delay for the bobcat to appear in,” he said.

Bob Lange of rural Glenwood, Minn., has ter in Zimbabwe bristles times, and once, at the government’s request, attempt a bobcat that had asleep six people.

While affirmation that he is alien with the specifics of Palmer’s coursing and that he doesn’t apperceive Palmer, Lange said the case appears archetypal of bays hunting in Zimbabwe.

“If what I accept about the coursing is accurate, annihilation seems abnormal or actionable about it,” Lange said, “unless the backer didn’t accept a hunting permit. But if that was the case, you, the hunter, would accept no way to know. You’re in the outfitter’s hands.”

Guilty appeal in Wisconsin

The adventure is not Palmer’s aboriginal besom with authorities.

In 2008, he pleaded accusable in federal cloister in Wisconsin to ambiguous a federal abettor in affiliation with the hunting of a atramentous bear. Two years earlier, Palmer had asleep a buck a Phillips, in Price County. That area was 40 afar alfresco of the area area he captivated a admittance to coursing bear.

Palmer and others transported the buck body to a allotment base central the accustomed hunting zone, according to cloister documents, and at the station, he falsely certified that the buck had been asleep in the acknowledged zone. Adverse a best amends of bristles years in prison, Palmer was bedevilled to one year’s acquittal and fined about $3,000.

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In the bounce of 2003, Palmer was bedevilled in Otter Tail County in western Minnesota and paid a baby accomplished for fishing after a license, a misdemeanor.

And in 2009, Palmer agreed to a adjustment with the Minnesota Board of Dentistry over allegations that he ually addled a receptionist. She declared that Palmer fabricated comments about her s, ocks and genitalia.

Without acceptance guilt, Palmer acclimatized and paid $127,500 to the woman, who additionally was his patient.

The adjustment included references to his bear-hunting confidence and “substandard almanac keeping.”

Poaching charges

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and the Carnival Operators Association of Zimbabwe said Tuesday that a bounded adviser and a acreage buyer are adverse poaching accuse and that they are accepted in cloister Wednesday.

“Both the able hunter and acreage buyer had no admittance or allocation to absolve the offtake of the bobcat and accordingly are accountable for the actionable hunt,” the collective account said. It did not abode any acknowledged after-effects for Palmer.

The account said Theo Bronkhorst, a able adviser with Bushman Safaris, is believed to accept absorbed the bobcat to Honest Trymore Ndlovu’s farm, area it was killed. Its body was apparent canicule after by trackers, the account said.

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During a caliginosity pursuit, the hunters angry a asleep beastly to their car to allurement the bobcat out of the civic park, said Johnny Rodrigues, administrator of the Zimbabwe Attention Task Force. Palmer attempt the bobcat with a bow and arrow, abasing it. The blood-soaked bobcat was begin 40 hours after and attempt asleep with a gun, Rodrigues said in the statement.

The bobcat was skinned and beheaded.

The hunters approved to abort the lion’s collar, adapted with a tracking device, but failed, the account said. Zimbabwe authorities said in their account that the “lion bays has been confiscated.”

“The saddest allotment of all is that now that Cecil is dead, the aing bobcat in the hierarchy, Jericho, will best acceptable annihilate all Cecil’s cubs,” Rodrigues said.

The attention accumulation said Cecil, apparent by his atramentous mane, was allotment of an Oxford University analysis program. Tourists consistently spotted his appropriate aigrette in the esplanade over the accomplished 13 years, said LionAid, additionally a attention group.

In 2009, the New York Times featured Palmer in a abode from arctic California, area Palmer was hunting elk. He told the bi-weekly that he can hit a arena agenda from 100 yards with his admixture bow and that he eschews bringing a firearm as a backup.

“I don’t accept a golf game,” he said of his adherence to hunting, abacus that he abstruse to shoot at age 5.

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