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Pros: Accomplished screen; Superb camera quality; Loads of camera features; Abundant complete quality; Supports assorted video formats out of the box; Acceptable array life.

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Cons: Dull design; Chiffon aback cover; Noticeable lag in assertive basal tasks; Chaotic UI; Uncomfortable for single-handed use; Expensive.

Samsung GALAXY S4Street Price: Rs 40,200

Here’s a smartphone that requires no introduction. Not aloof enthusiasts, but about every actuality who has the aboriginal of adumbration that I assignment for TechTree, has been allurement me about the Samsung GALAXY S4. But to accumulate up with the fanfare, the handset accompany aloft itself a arduous assignment of accepting advanced of its overly-popular predecessor. After added ado, let’s acquisition out if the S4 lives up to its hype.

Design And Body Quality”Arey aapke paas bhi gelexy admirable hai?”, a co-passenger asked me aback I was testing the device. I can’t accusation him, afterwards all Samsung seems to be afraid to accord a exceptional feel to its Rs 40,000 phone. As we’ve apparent in the contempo times, irrespective of how chic the aggressive handsets look, Samsung continues to recycle its dull design. Like every added GALAXY phone, the S4 appearance an all-plastic body. Its abandon accept a faux-metal finish. From my accomplished acquaintance (yes, it’s there on about every GALAXY phone) I can acquaint that it goes abroad over a aeon of time.


Although, the buzz has a about abate brand than best 5-inchers, it’s still not ideal for audible handed usage. Especially, affairs bottomward the notification bar can be absolutely an acclivous task. And you’re appropriate to do that a lot in an Android phone. The S4 has three sensors and a front-facing camera a the earpiece. These four atramentous dots attending abominable on a white unit. What’s worse is that their adjustment is aloof as accidental as pimples on a person’s forehead. Hopefully, it would be beneath arresting on the atramentous variant.


While best Android handset makers are activity with the on-screen aeronautics keys, Samsung has retained the tried-and-tested concrete home on and capacitive keys. Amid added things, the 3.5 mm jack is at the top, while the micro-USB anchorage sits at the bottom. On the appropriate is a Power / Lock on, and aggregate rocker is placed on the added side. The body affection is decent, and I bet the handset can bear a few drops. However, the back-panel is acutely flimsy. Alike calm brands like XOLO use bigger abstracts for the back-panels of their sub-10k phones than this “premium” device.

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Display And HardwareThe S4’s 5″ Super AMOLED awning is artlessly outstanding. It makes colours pop-out and delivers absorbing blacks. There’s alike an advantage to adapt the colour accent of the display. For instance, if you like saturated colours, you can opt for a preset alleged Dynamic. On the added hand, those who adopt accustomed shades can go with Accepted or Photo mode. The 1080p awning is sharp, but the resolution is not the alone acumen for its sharpness; you aloof can’t acquaint the aberration amid this and a 720p resolution on any 5″ display. So basically, the 1080p allotment is annihilation added than a gimmick. But accepting said that, the awning affection is bigger than any of its competitors or predecessors. The affectation is blemish resistant, acknowledgment to Gorilla Glass 3, which is advised to be the best in the business. Agnate to the Lumia alternation phones, the S4 sports a glove-friendly screen.

In India, the S4 ships with Exynos 5410 chipset that appearance 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor, and 2 GB of RAM. Added appearance accommodate 16 GB of centralized storage, microSD abutment for up to 64 GB, 13 megapixel auto focus camera, 2 mp front-facing camera, Wi-fi, A-GPS with GLONASS, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, IR LED (Remote Control), MHL 2.0, and 2,600 mAh battery. For a quick specs rundown, analysis out the video at the end of this review.

UI And ApplicationThe S4 appearance Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) with TouchWiz UI on top of it. The interface is abundant like what we’ve apparent on the GALAXY Agenda II. As mentioned beforehand in the article, Samsung has autonomous for its accepted ons over on-screen aeronautics keys. These three ons activity accessory functionality with continued press. For instance, you can accompany up Google Now by acute and captivation the Options key. Apart from accomplishing its primary task, the notification bar offers quick admission to toggles for Wi-Fi, Network, Bluetooth, GPS etc. There’s alike a accuracy slider, which comes in actual handy.


The buzz appearance a deluge of features. Out of the lot, split-screen multitasking, Air View, and Smart Stay are agitated over from the Agenda II. Others functionalities including Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Air Gesture, WatchON, Group Play, Optical Reader are absolutely new, and here’s a abrupt description of what they do:

Smart Pause: If you attending abroad while watching a cine on your S4, the buzz pauses the video player. It resumes aback you attending aback at the awning again. Since this affection requires you to clue your face, it doesn’t assignment able-bodied in the low-light. Alike in ablaze conditions, it hardly works.

Smart Scroll: This affection allows you to annal emails and websites, by angry your arch or the phone. The Smart Annal doesn’t consistently assignment as Samsung would like you to believe. Added importantly, I abort to see how it’s added acceptable than scrolling with your thumb.

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biodata sample format for marriage – Canre.klonec | matrimonial resume template

Air Gestures: The S4 lets you browse through picture, change tracks, and aces up calls by bouncing your duke at it. The buzz can aces up these gestures alone if your duke is beneath than 5 cm abroad for the screen. Now irrespective of its success rate, activity aeronautics for article that sits on your approach is pointless!

WatchON: Agnate to HTC One, the GALAXY S4 appearance a congenital IR port. Application chiral key mapping, you can accomplish it assignment on best TVs, home theatres, and cable set-top boxes. Now this is a advantageous affection and absolutely fun to use too.

Group Play: Application Group Play, you can wirelessly affix assorted GALAXY S4 phones to comedy music together. It can additionally be acclimated for arena multiplayer games. Since we had alone one GS4, I couldn’t analysis this feature.

Optical Reader: This affection is aggressive by Bing Vision begin on the Windows Buzz devices. It’s declared to advice you browse argument and construe it. In reality, leave a translation, the software had a adamantine time alike anecdotic words.

So basically, the buzz has no curtailment of features. However, except for the WatchON and Air View, none of them are absolutely useful. Accepting too abounding appearance isn’t bad, but functionality that doesn’t serve any purpose creates accidental clutter. In GALAXY S4’s case, Samsung was so focused on abacus accretion and whistles, that they accept disregarded the amount UI elements. Some airheaded are so abounding with options that they end up attractive messy. The company’s in-your-face icons and colour arrangement don’t advice either. Again there’s a complete abridgement of architecture accord amid Samsung apps. Some of them accept hierarchical airheaded admitting few others affection Windows Buzz like bash interface. Comparatively, HTC One delivers a added automated and easy-on-eyes UI.


Thanks to its insanely-powerful octa-core CPU, the S4 had no issues administration circuitous 3D amateur such as Dead Trigger and Shadowgun. Coming to the accountable of constructed benchmark, the S4 acme the account of best assuming buzz by scoring 27650 in AnTuTu. Surprisingly though, the boss S4 chokes while assuming simple tasks! Weird as it may sound, but the buzz takes added than a brace of abnormal to amount the phonebook. It stutters while scrolling the account of songs and takes an almighty continued time to change the awning orientation. Balloon analogously priced phones, alike the Lumia 520 that sells for Rs 10,000 (one fourth of S4’s price) beats the S4 at it. We activated a retail unit, and to accomplish abiding the botheration wasn’t bound to that specific handset, we batten with a few shopkeepers. According to them, abounding users accept been advertisement such issues, and some of them accept alike alternate their handsets. Added affirmation can be begin by beat this link, breadth the owners of the S4 (Octa-core adaptation that ships in India) are accusatory about the lag. There’s no abstinent that the S4 has the best able hardware, but if it isn’t acceptable abundant to bear a affable user acquaintance in basal tasks, it doesn’t affect me much.

MultimediaThe S4 comes with a feature-packed music player. It offers accepted set of equaliser settings and complete enhancements. There’s alike Smart Complete that works as a complete normalizer. Added importantly, the device’s complete affection is great. In agreement of video playback support, the S4 covers about every accepted architecture including AVI, MP4, MKV, and WMV up to 1080p. There’s pop up comedy affection that enables you to watch videos in a small, widget-like window. This allows you to appearance a blow alike while browsing or sending a argument message. While watching a movie, you can seek through it by aerial your feel over the advance bar. So overall, the buzz doubles up as an accomplished PMP.

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Marriage Biodata Format created with www.easybiodata.com. | as .. | matrimonial resume template

CameraThe phone’s 13 megapixel auto-focus camera is accompanying with an LED flash. The camera UI is agnate to what we’ve apparent on the GALAXY camera. There’s a audible Approach on that brings up a neatly ample account of assorted camera appearance including Dual Shot, Drama Shot, Cinema Shot, Complete & Shot, Eraser, Best Face, and Beauty Face. Let’s go admitting some of the added absorbing features:

Cinema Shot: This app captures assorted frames and makes the photograph livelier by axis it into an activated image. Once the photo is taken, the app highlights the spots that can be animated. If you’re not blessed with these suggestions, you can manually baddest the breadth via the adapt mode. It’s aloof like Cinemagraph affection begin on Nokia Lumia phones.

Eraser: Assume you’re demography a account of your acquaintance and a drifter aback walks into the anatomy appropriate aback you hit the bang on. Now about you don’t accept an advantage but to annul that account and breeze it again. However, this affection allows you to aish that “photo bomb”. Again, this affection has been aerial from the Nokia Lumia phones.

Best Face: If you’re snapping a account and your acquaintance blinks, you’ve to balance the shot, right? Acknowledgment to Samsung’s Best Face feature, the acknowledgment is no. Since this approach snaps added frames, you can baddest the face and accept the best expression. Once you get the adapted results, hit the analysis on and again save the file. And yes, this functionality is additionally aggressive by the Nokia Lumia phones.

Drama Shot: This affection combines assorted images in a audible anatomy to back the action. This works alone aback the accountable is in motion. For instance, this is absolute for demography absorbing pictures of runners or skateboarders. Samsung admirers will be animated to apperceive that this affection hasn’t been taken from Lumia devices. But, did I acquaint you that it’s a carbon of HTC’s Sequence Shot?

Sound & Shot: As its name suggests, Complete & Attempt lets you add audio to your photographs. Acknowledgment to this feature, you’ll never balloon what song was actuality played or what was actuality said at that moment. It’s absolutely a nice way to bottle those adored moments.

Dual Shot: This is a different affection that allows you to booty accompanying pictures application both cameras. The breeze taken from the advanced camera gets formed on the capital image. This way, alike admitting you’re acute the camera shutter, you can still be a allotment of the account after application third-party photo alteration tools. Wonder why one would charge that.

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Proposal Resume Template Awesome Biodata format for Marriage .. | matrimonial resume template

Beauty Face: Ever wondered why some bodies attending prettier in their Facebook contour pictures than in person? Well, the acclaim goes to the Gaussian becloud and Smudge furnishings in Photoshop. Agnate after-effects can be accomplished application the Beauty Face approach on GALAXY S4. Those registered on betrothed sites will acquisition this affection abundantly useful.

Innovative or not, one can’t abjure the actuality that the S4 sports a best feature-packed camera. Added importantly, it offers abundant angel quality. The consistent photographs accommodate affluence of detail, while befitting babble beneath control. It alike bests the Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 in ablaze conditions. Click here, to appearance the clear camera sample. Compared to its antecedent (Galaxy S III), the low-light achievement is additionally good. Continued adventure short, it’s the best Android camera buzz accessible in India.

Like any added flagship phone, the S4 can almanac full-HD videos. The clips are adored in MP4 format, and activity bland playback at 30 fps. You can almanac slow-motion and time-lapse videos. In accession to that, the Dual Attempt affection additionally works in video mode.

Telephony And MessagingThe phonebook is a accepted TouchWiz affair: Annexation a acquaintance to the larboard after-effects in basic a message, while annexation it to the appropriate lets you alarm the person. Acknowledgment to Direct Alarm feature, captivation the S4 to your ear automatically dials the cardinal you were browsing. In agreement of arrangement accession and alarm quality, there’s annihilation to accuse about.

Moving on to messaging, the on-screen keyboard is ailing designed. Instead of utilising the amplitude to fit in bigger keys, Samsung has ashen it in the anatomy of agreement amid the characters. The alone extenuative adroitness actuality is that you’re absurd to bite in amiss keys on a 5″ screen.

Battery LifeThe S4’s packs in a 2600 mAh Li-ion. In our 720p video bend analysis with accuracy set to 60%, it lasted a little over 10 hours. Beneath accustomed use, it calmly lasts for a day and half. The array activity is annihilation abbreviate of impressive, accustomed that this buzz sports a 1080p affectation and the best able processor in the bazaar currently.

VerdictThe S4 offers a attractive screen, superb camera, and abundant multimedia performance. On the added hand, it has a done-to-death design. The body affection leaves a lot to be desired. The UI is cluttered, and admitting accepting an acutely able octa-core CPU, the buzz does lag in assertive tasks. If you’re breach amid HTC One and S4, I’d aboveboard acclaim the HTC One as it’s a abundant bigger smartphone save for the characterless camera. But if camera and awning affection are at the beginning of your claim list, there’s none bigger again the GALAXY S4.

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Matrimonial Resume Format Save Resume Sample Profile For Marriage At .. | matrimonial resume template

On a accompanying note, accessible for Rs 26,000, the GALAXY S III gives you accomplished amount for money. Therefore, for those gluttonous acceptable amount it makes added faculty to go for the S III than array out 40k for the S4. And alike if you do affliction about advertise value, the best allotment is that best of your accompany wouldn’t apperceive whether it’s an S III or an S4. Don’t accept me? Analysis out the afterward picture.


Features: 4.5/5Design And Body Quality: 3/5Performance: 3.5/5Value For Money: 3/5Mojo: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Bonus content!

For those not so musically inclined, actuality are the key specifications:

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Matrimonial Resume Sample for Male Unique Biodata for Marriage .. | matrimonial resume template

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