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Chatfuel makes it attainable to actualize an automatic communicative acquaintance for Facebook Messenger. In aloof a few annual and afterwards any abstruse knowledge, you can actualize and add a bot to Facebook. Training your Chatfuel bot to be acknowledging to free-form user letters is abundant harder though, and you’ll charge your bot to handle free-form letters if you appetite to absorb your messaging users.

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While Chatfuel has “Setup AI” congenital to it’s dashboard, it’s not absolutely AI. These are keyword triggers, which achieve added like rules. For archetype if a user says alone the babble “Restart” than you could accelerate them to your Welcome Bulletin block. However, let’s attending at a altered scenario:

User A says to your bot: I’d like to buy a goat, how abundant is it?User B says to your bot: I bought a dupe 2 weeks ago. Area is it?With Chatfuel AI, you won’t apperceive the difference. While in approach you could set up a Chatfuel keyword area a user says article agnate to “bought a goat” and “buy a goat”, they beggarly altered things, but in the archetype above, if you approved to achieve this with Chatfuel AI, again User B would be a actual affronted user if you beatific them to the aforementioned block, as User A. With Dialogflow affiliated to Chatfuel, you can accept the absorbed and ambience of the user’s bulletin and again be able to acknowledge with the appropriate block.

While Chatfuel’s backbone lies in it’s automatic web-based accoutrement to actualize Messenger apps, Dialogflow’s backbone lies in it’s accustomed accent processing (NLP), bogus intelligence acclimated to accept animal absorbed and acknowledge intelligently. Janis enables brands and agencies austere about messaging automation to anticipate beneath about the technology, and focus added on bearing assessable business results. We congenital Janis to advice bot makers body and administer the absolute bot assemblage and a acceptable aggregate is to use Chatfuel for your UI and Dialogflow for your AI.

The best basal abstraction Dialogflow abstraction you should accept is what Dialogflow refers to as Intent. An absorbed defines the phrases bodies say, the ambience in which they say them, and the actions, or contest that should be triggered in your response. In short, an absorbed is what Dialogflow uses to accept what the user advised aback they beatific you a bulletin and how you’ll respond.

Before you affix a Dialogflow AI abettor to Chatfuel so your bot can be added acknowledging to the letters it receives from users, arch over to Dialogflow , sign-in with your Google account, and actualize a AI agent.

You aloof charge to accord your abettor a name and save it. That’s all.

Now that you’ve created an AI agent, you’ll charge to affix it to Chatfuel.

Now that you accept a Dialogflow agent, actuality is what you’ll charge to get it affiliated to Chatfuel easily:

While you can calmly accommodate Dialogflow to an absolute Chatfuel bot, if you’re new to Dialogflow a abundant abode to alpha is with the Janis Chatfuel template. You can aloof go advanced and add that to your Chatfuel dashboard. We’ll appear aback to that in a minute.

Janis allows you to affix and mange your AI from Slack, a accepted workspace acclimated by millions of teams. Aback you add Janis to Slack, you can affix a Dialogflow AI abettor to Janis and affix a Chatfuel bot to Janis in a few simple steps. It takes aloof annual to complete the bureaucracy and begins alive immediately.

Janis is an AI abettor that works and will airing you through the setup. Accept Dialogflow as your AI antecedent and aces the AI abettor you added, and accept Chatfuel as your bot platform. Janis will accord you a different Client Key that you’ll appetite to add to the JSON API of the Janis Chatfuel template.

To analysis your integration, accelerate your Chatfuel bot a bulletin you apperceive it won’t accept and you should get a Absence Fallback acknowledgment aback from Dialogflow in Messenger (What Chatfuel refers to as a Absence Answer).

You should additionally get an active in Slack that your bot had no response. Actuality is a sample “No Response” active and these are included chargeless aback Janis manages your Dialogflow-Chatfuel connection.

Training AI can booty time, so we’ve created a pre-built Dialogflow agent, that you can calmly acceptation into Dialogflow. The pre-built abettor will accredit your bot to acknowledge to accepted things that users say to all chatbots on Messenger. You’ll still charge to alternation your AI, but the pre-built abettor will get you added forth in the action and we don’t appetite you to feel that you’ll accept this huge abundance to ascend to alpha authoritative your bot responsive. Follow these instructions to add the Small Abettor for Dialogflow

Now that you’ve affiliated Dialogflow and Chatfuel to Janis, you’ll appetite to alpha training your AI. Janis makes AI training added attainable from Slack . Aloof say Alternation to Janis, and Janis will attainable an AI training approach for you.

Working in Slack, you can bound actualize Dialogflow intents and a array of acknowledgment types. Janis supports all acknowledgment types from Dialogflow including text, images, cards, quick replies, and custom payloads and can cede these in your Chatfuel experience. Appetite to use Dialogflow to accept intent, but acknowledge with a Chatfuel block? No problem. If you use the Dialogflow interface you can actualize a block alter as a acknowledgment but you would accept to address some cipher and the action is cumbersome.

Training in Slack like this agency able AI from Google becomes added attainable to non-technical aggregation members. You can alike allure others on your aggregation to alternation AI, coact with audience and ally afterwards anytime giving admission to your Chatfuel bot, or your Dialogflow account!

Now that you’ve affiliated Dialogflow and Chatfuel to Janis, you’ll appetite to abstain application Chatfuel AI. If you use both, this will actualize conflicts in your communicative experience. Users will accelerate your bot messages, but if you accept a keyword in Chatfuel, but you accept a acute AI acknowledgment in Dialogflow, again you may end up carrying two responses to your user. One acknowledgment will be the acceptable amiss acknowledgment with Chatfuel’s keyword rules, as able-bodied as the actual acknowledgment served by Dialogflow.

In the Janis Chargeless plan, your bot will active you in Slack every time your bot has no response. Pro users can account from alike added of Janis’ able capabilities!

Say Affix Facebook to Janis and affix Janis to the aforementioned Facebook folio as your Chatfuel bot and actuate added alerts:

🙊No Response: Aback your user hits your absence bulletin in Chatfuel, Janis will active you in Slack so you can analyze bottlenecks in your communicative acquaintance (Free)

😱 Affect Alerts: Janis will adviser conversations with your Chatfuel bot and if Janis detects abrogating affect (your users are angry, or balked with your bot) Janis will active you immediately. (Pro)

💁 Help: Janis listens for words like “help”, “human”, “agent”, “start chat”, “operator” and “assistance”, and alerts you aback it detects any of these user inputs. You can add any of these keywords into your Chatfuel blocks, or aloof delay for your user to accommodate them in their chargeless anatomy letters and Janis will active you. (Pro)

🔔 Custom Alerts: You can add your own alerts to any Dialogflow intent, and Janis will active you. This opens up absolute possibilities. Let’s say you appetite to get alerts aback your bot detects a balmy sales lead. You can actualize alerts for these intents and again act on alerts anon afterwards abrogation Slack.(Pro)

Pro Users additionally get added capacity in anniversary active so you can fix abounding problems afterwards alike abrogation Slack. Pro alerts accommodate not alone who beatific the message, and what they said to aftermath the alert, but Janis will transcribe your Messenger babble absolutely in Slack.

If you’ve been application any of the Alive Babble plugins accessible through Chatfuel, again you apperceive they accept limitations. Aback Janis alerts you that a animal wants to chat, aloof alpha accounting and Janis will automatically abeyance your AI responses from Dialogflow and accelerate your letters to your users.

Here is what it looks like from your user’s angle in Messenger:

Just say /resume in Slack to resume your Dialogflow AI responses, or Janis will automatically resume your AI responses afterwards 10 annual of inactivity. (HINT: You can extend the abeyance time by accounting /pause X area X equals the cardinal of annual you appetite your AI to break paused).

With Animal Takeover from Janis, you can additionally manually advance AI responses you’ve adored in Dialogflow. For example, you could be chatting alive and if Janis receives a bout to your user’s message, you can accelerate your AI acknowledgment in one bang by beat a Accelerate to User on. We alarm this Co-Pilot approach and it’s absolutely advantageous aback you can acknowledge to FAQ while chatting alive application AI responses you’ve already adored for your bot.

While the chargeless affiliation to Dialogflow includes chargeless training accoutrement congenital appropriate into Slack so you can bound add what users say and analysis out your responses, Janis Pro users can alternation anon from messaging transcripts. Aback you get an alert, attainable the transcript, and bang to appearance Janis’ acknowledgment to anniversary user bulletin received.

Training Dialogflow anon from a messaging archetype is not alone added advantageous because you accept the complete ambience bare to achieve automation decisions, but you can aerate alive babble time by training AI to apprentice from your animal powered conversations.

Once you become adequate with key Dialogflow concepts like ambience and entities, you’ll ascertain that the chargeless affiliation is absolutely absolutely able and you can allotment abstracts amid systems. You can canyon User Attributes from Chatfuel to Dialogflow and Dialogflow ambit are automatically anesthetized aback to Chatfuel and adored as User Attributes. We’ve additionally created a cardinal of custom user attributes you can use to acquaint with Dialogflow so you can set and ascendancy ambience from your Chatfuel blocks.

Enabling a absolutely adorable communicative acquaintance should be your goal, but it will booty some time to get there, so be patient, and while your users may not be as accommodating for AI to apprentice and your bot to improve, achieve abiding you’re able to be acknowledging to alerts and act fast. You’ll be added hands-on at first, but over time, you’ll acquisition yourself accepting beneath alerts, while your AI-powered bot will become added responsive.

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